Academic research experience easily translates into an array of project management, people management, and public speaking skills.

Leadership Experience

Front page KUMC website, 2014

Front page KUMC website, 2014

Society for Neuroscience Kansas City Chapter

Co-President, Secretary, Public Relations, Executive committee member

Organized 3 major events per year: Kansas City Brain Discovery Fair, Kansas City Regional Brain Bee, and Neuroscientists' Annual Retreat; provides grant applications and an annual report to the Society for Neuroscience.

KUMC Biomedical Research Resources Association

Policy Committee Co-Chair

Organized the Advocacy 101 training series at KUMC

KUMC Student Research Forum

Executive committee member, Chair of Fundraising

Managed internal and external fundraising: $10,000-$20,000 annual budget

Palmer College Sacro-occipital Technique Club

Vice President

Published an SOT interest article in The Beacon

MSSU Spanish Club

Treasurer, Secretary

Organized disaster relief and Hispanic food bank fundraisers.  Staged two theatrical 2 hour performances celebrating Hispanic art, literature music and culture, a selection of which were invited to be performed at the University of Arkansas. 


Teaching Experience

"The great sensory nerve of the head and face," the trigeminal nerve.

"The great sensory nerve of the head and face," the trigeminal nerve.

Pierce has had extensive teaching experience in seminar, and as a Teaching Assistant, private tutor, and course leader. These experiences are described below in further detail.

Molecular Mechanisms of Neural Disease

  • Teaching seminar on molecular mechanisms and current research in Schizophrenia, 2 hours
  • Teaching seminar on molecular mechanisms and current research in Traumatic brain injury, 2 hours

Developmental Neurobiology

  • Teaching seminar on molecular regulation of the hippocampus during embryonic development, 2 hours

Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology

  • Research seminar, 1 hour

KU/KUMC Neuroscience Graduate Program

  • Research seminar, 3 hours

Clinical Teaching Assistant

  • Clinical Teaching Assistant to Dr. Casey Crisp, MS, DC
  • Oversaw the daily patient schedule
  • Managed junior interns' patient files
  • Mentored new and junior interns into clinic life

Neuroanatomy of the peripheral nervous system

  • Biweekly, 2 hour lecture on the anatomy and clinical pathology of the peripheral nervous system
  • Palmer's first Academic Support Services' program instructor to provide online full lecture notes available for download including hand drawn nerve branches and pathways  
  • Wrote and administered three mock examinations and exam reviews per term
  • Course instructor for five terms 

General Biology Laboratory 

  • Teaching Assistant to Dr. Dorothy Bay, PhD for General Biology course abroad.  
  • Assisted students during laboratory experiments

General Chemistry I & II Laboratory

  • Teaching Assistant to Dr. Marci Archer, PhD for General Chemistry laboratory
  • Experiment set up, preparation of reagents, buffers, and other supplies
  • Organization of reagent storage and maintenance of general laboratory equipment and glassware
  • Assisted students during laboratory experiments

Tutor, Student Success Center, MSSU

  • General Biology, General Chemistry, College Algebra
  • Completed a training course for professional tutors (2 credit hours)

Clinical Experience

Pierce is a nationally board certified chiropractic physician proficient in neuromusculoskeletal diagnosis, physical examination, diagnostic imaging, and associated clinical sciences.  

Pierce completed two years of internships in academic and student health clinics as well as humanitarian aid abroad as a volunteer intern to the indigenous peoples of Viti Levu, Fiji. 



Pierce: front row, far right.  Fiji, 2009.


Anatomy Experience

anat brain.jpg

Gross Anatomy

Cadaver prosection, 8 credit hours

Spinal Anatomy

Cadaver prosection, 5 credit hours


Cadaver prosection: brain, spinal cord, meninges, 6 credit hours

Developmental Neurobiology

Human Anatomy

Feline dissection, 5 credit hours

Histology, 8 credit hours 



Pierce has volunteered teaching Sunday School, campaigning for state and national elections, and even Marshalling for the PGA tour at the John Deere Classic.